Wayfinder Lau from Brave Story (Film)

Wayfinder Lau is a character in the Brave Story series. He guides Travelers in the beginning of their journey and gives them advice along the travel.


Brave StoryEdit

Wayfinder Lau is an Ankhakin who lives in the Village of the Watchers. Because his job of introducing and testing new Travelers is so important, he lives in a series of enchanted huts to moderate his mood while interacting with travelers. Thus, every Traveler gets a fair beginning. The first hut is the hunt of anger, the second is the hut of happiness, and the third the hut of sorrow and so forth.

Wayfinder Lau guides Travelers through the Cave of Trials and gives them the weapon that can eventually become the Demon's Bane or Demon's Woe. He also explains a bit about the nature of the Goddess of Fate, the magical Traveler's Gemstones, the Mirror of Truth, and the Corridor of Light.

He has a rather low opinion of Wataru when they first meet.

Wayfinder Lau is a Wizard, and thus can perform Magic. His most frequently displayed powers are the ability to travel by taking the form of a spiritual ghostly bird which allows him to fly.