Unity skill is a powerful skill that either deal high damage,buff party,or debuff enemy. Its learned after winning many battle with said character. Below is the list of unity skill

Tatsuya & Yuno Edit

Skill name BP Cost Effects
Partner in Crime 5 Steal from an enemies and

deal damage in process

Major Nuisance 20 Burst a poison bag

Poisoning and damaging all foes

Quit Staring! 30 Charm all enemies then attack

Ignoring defense

Firework Fallout 40 Dazzles enemies with firework

Critical hit to all enemies

Thousand Knocks 50 Hurls rock at the enemies head

Causing damage and oblivion

Tatsuysa & Sogreth Edit

Skill name BP Cost Effects
Vision Toughest 10 A waterkin skill that raises both allies'


Bug Strike 20 A waterkin skill that damage all foes.

Good on bug type enemies.

Waterkin's Hunt 20 A gooey slime that hampers movements

and lower agility.

Traveler's Luck 20 Spread a protective aura that

weakens opposing magic.

Cross Pendulum 60 A pincer attack that hit all enemies.

Guaranteed critical hit.

Tatsuya & Meladee Edit

Skill name BP Cost Effects
Highlander Spirit 10 A highlander skill that

raises both allies' attack

Bane of the Beast 20 Shuriken attack on all enemies.

Good on birds and beasts

Achilles Cutter 30 Attack the muscles of all foes to

lower their attack power

Lifetaker 30 Resonance of swords that

Absorbs the HP of one target.

Desert Rose 40 The rose's beauty divert

all foes and cancel actions.

Tatsuya & Ropple Edit

Skill name BP Cost Effects
Magical Providence 10 A magic attack on one target.

Protect from ailments.

Holy Blade 20 A sacred swipe that hits all foes.

Good on demonkin enemies.

Weal and Woe 30 Attack all enemies and

cures all status ailments.

Dark Nebula 40 Generates a void of darkness.

remove enemy stat boosts.

Cosmic Rainbow 60 Revive,Restores HP,cure all status


Tatsuya & Leynart Edit

Skill name BP Cost Effects
Knightly Lore 10 A chivalrious power that

raises both allies attack and defense.

Lance vs Sword 20 A race to attack an enemy.

raises both allies' agility.

Shattershot 20 A well-aimed shot at one enemy.

Sometimes auto-kills.

Armor Crush 30 A fierce attack that smashes enemy armor.

lower defense.

Phantom Slicer 60 A sacred swipe that hits all foes.

Good on ghosts.

Triple Unity Edit

Skill name Participant BP Cost Effects
Gone Fishin' Tatsuya



50 Traps all foes in a rushing flood.

Deals water damage to all.

Therapeutic Song Tatsuya



30 Restores each ally's HP with

each turn.

Girl Trouble Tatsuya



50 Bewitches enemies,then wipe

them out.Inflict confusion.

Dance Macabre Tatsuya



50 A death dance to trap foes.

Sometimes kills instantly.

Ice Crusher Tatsuya



50 Smashes all enemies after freezing them.

Inflict paralysis.

Iron Men Three Tatsuya



50 A three-man charge that raises each ally's


Sands of the Goddess Tatsuya



50 A destructive vortex of sand.

Deal wind damage to all foes.

Flanked by Justice Tatsuya



30 Calls on vision's guardian to raise each

ally's attack.

Blazing Blades Tatsuya



50 Flame fanned by swords.

Deal fire damage to all foes.

Lightning Storm Tatsuya



50 Charges weapon with thunder.

Lightning damage to all foes.

Melting Pot Tatsuya

Kee Keema


10 A rag-tag bunch of all shapes & sizes.

Damages one target.

Half-Pint Express Tatsuya



20 Size doesn't matter to these three!

Guaranteed critical hit.

Dragon Assault Tatsuya



50 Boosts attack power and launches an

assault on all foes.