418px-Ropple Artwork
Japanese ロポル
Romaji Roporu
Age 17
Height 3'9
Weight 88 lbs
Job Mage
Brave Soul Varia
Voice Actor(s) (Ja:)Akira Ishida
(En:)Yuri Lowenthal

Ropple is a character introduced in Brave Story: New Traveler. He is a pankin starseer who was a student of Dr. Baksan. He joined Tatsuya to study the workings of a Traveler. A 17-year old pankin starseer Tatsuya and co. meet in Gasara. He is working on a school assignment to receive credit and the party agrees to help him. He is knowledgeable in regards to magical lore but very oblivious to people's feelings. His professor wants him to better understand the people around him and help them selflessly, which, in the end, he gets considerably better at. Ropple has an unusual tendency to say "and/or" in his sentences. He wields a staff and attack spells much like Mitsuru.


Ropple is knowledgeable, as seen by his magical abilities, but is oblivious from other people's feelings. He always talk logically and always act as a know-it-all. During his time with Tatsuya, his personality changes overtime for the better. He became more understanding and sensitive about others.


Ropple is 17 year-old mage with green hair and yellow eyes. As a mage, he wears a purple robe and a pointed hat with white linings and a scale-like pattern. Under his robe, Ropple wears round yellow pants and purple pointed shoes. He also wears a pair of glasses.

Despite his age, Ropple isn't tall because of his pankin heritage.



  • Ropple is the only character that have a Bravesoul that affects the whole