The Northern Empire is the northern continent in the world of Vision. Three-hundred years ago, the northern continent used to be made of many small cities and states, like the Southern United Nations. Many different Races lived there, together. In particular, the Kitkin were native to the Northern continent. However, the constant cold and famine and continually depleted resources eventually took a toll on the northern continent.


The Northern Empire has made it illegal for any person in both nations to be taught the preceding history of the northern continent before the formation of the Northern Empire. This is enforced in the United Southern Nations via trade agreements made between the two continents.

The empire itself was once just a small country of Ankhakin amongst many. Through a long series of wars, it slowly unified the coninent. The first emperor, Gama Argrilius I claimed the throne and claimed to be directly descended from the Old God, denouncing the Goddess of Destiny as a false god, and a thief who stole the world away from its rightful owners.


The northern continent is covered in ice and snow for nearly half the year. It is separated from the southern continent by thick, nearly impenetrable mist.