Miki is a main character in Brave Story: New Traveler. She is the childhood friend of the game's protagonist, Tatsuya.


Tatsuya and Miki were hanging out on the park. Miki saw that Tatsuya was too obsessed with playing video games on his PSP and told him to stop and take her dog for a walk. While the two friends were having a "conversation", Kratos followed a frog away from the two. Miki notices Kratos and followed him. Tatsuya, oblivious of what's happening, heard Kratos and followed him, only to see Miki unconscious. At the hospital, Tatsuya was about to visit Miki when he heard the doctor and Miki's parent talking. The doctor stated that Miki was suffering from an unknown illness leaving Tatsuya and Miki's parents in shock.

Every time Tatsuya obtains a gemstone and finds a star sigil, he visits Miki in the hospital. Miki seems to be dreaming about her and Tatsuya together, and most of them reflects Tatsuya's journey in Vision.


  • The name "Miki" is the default name given to her and can be changed in the beginning of the game.