393px-Kutz Artwork
Japanese クツ
Romaji Kutsu
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job Highlander Chief
Brave Soul Unknown
Voice Actor(s) (Ja:)Mami Koyama(Game)
   Takako Tokiwa(Film)

Kutz is a character introduced Brave Story: Wataru's Adventure. She is the Chief of the Gasara Branch of the Highlanders. The Highlander leader at the town of Gasara who is close friends (and rivals) with Meladee. She tends to be overly brazen when it comes to letting people hear what she has to say and does not tolerate people breaking the law (even the smallest infraction sets her off). She joins the party for a short time. Kutz uses a whip in battle.


Brave Story: New TravelerEdit

Kutz first appeared in Gasara catching a thief. Meladee greeted her saying that Kutz hasn't changed a bit. Yuno asked if Meladee was friends Kutz. Meladee said they consider each other as rivals rather than friends. After Meladee explained their situation, Kutz was amazed that Tatsuya was a Traveler. She thought that Wataru and Mitsuru were the only Travelers in Vision. When Team Tatsuya met Ropple and learned about the problem causing the monsters to go berserk, Team Tatsuya along with Kutz and Ropple investigate the Underground Lake under the Cathedral.

In the Underground Lake, they encountered several statues that were spraying out gas that makes monster go berserk. As the gas takes effect on the group, two squid-like monsters appeared. Because of the gas, the team fights the monsters regardless of their situation. After the monsters were defeated, Trone appeared and helped destroy the statues.

After the crisis was over, Ropple then joined the team to learn more about Travelers. Kutz stayed at Gasara and wished the team good luck on their journey.

Kutz appeared again at Lyris, disguised. She informed the team that Father Diamon started a rebellion against the Highlanders. Kutz stated that it was dangerous to lurk around the town without any disguise and gave the team robes. At the Cistina Cathedral, Kutz separated with the team to investigate further.