Kee Keema
431px-Kee Keema Artwork
Japanese キキマ
Romaji Ki Kima
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job Warrior
Brave Soul Unknown
Voice Actor(s) (Ja:)Toshiyuki Morikawa
(En:)Steve Kramer

Kee Keema is a waterkin merchant in the Brave Story series. In Brave Story: New Traveler, he is Sogreth's best friend.


Brave StoryEdit

Kee Keema meets Wataru at a baquas grove. Upon learning that Wataru is a Traveler, Kee Keema is overjoyed because his family believes that Travelers bring good luck. Kee Keema's grandfather became very wealthy trading mining stocks after helping the a Traveler several decades ago meet the Goddess of Fate. He takes great pride in his Darbaba, Turbo. Although Kee Keema dropped out of school when he was very young, he is knowledgeable enough to act as Wataru's main guide throughout Vision.

Kee Keema reminds Wataru very much of his Uncle Lou, and the gregarious waterkin is implied to be the Vision reflection of Lou.

Brave Story: New TravelerEdit

Kee Keema first met Tatsuya and Meena when Sogreth went to find his missing son, Minos. He was furious that Sogreth went alone and didn't bring him along. He joined Tatsuya to rescue the two waterkins in the Seaside Cave. After finding Sogreth and Minos, and defeating the monster in the cave, Kee Keema departed to make a delivery that he was suppose to do.

Kee Keema appeared again in the Bog-Sasaya Border when Sogreth and Yuno was accused of being the group of waterkin and kitkin bandits that has been committing a series of robberies . He suggested that the Knights of Stengel should arrest him and Meena because he and Meena was a waterkin and a kitkin, respectively, as well. The captain of the knights, Leynart didn't do so because the bandits were wearing Firewyrm rings rather than bands. Wataru then suggested that they catch the bandits with Tatsuya to clear his friends' name. Kee Keema stayed at the border to keep an eye on things.

After the bandits were finally captured, Team Wataru decided to depart on their own. Before departing, Sogreth promised to return the favor and made a joke that he'll do it when Kee Keema get arrested himself.



  • The darbaba carrier that almost hit Yuno in Sakawa was Kee Keema's.
  • "Keema" is a very popular name amongst waterkin, so his middle name "Kee" is used to distinguish him from similarly named members of his race.