The Goddess of Destiny (or Goddess of Fortune) is a recurring character in the Brave Story series. She is the deity that made the world of Vision. In the tongue of the Waterkin, she is called "Upa de shalba", or "she who is beautiful like the light".


The Goddess of Destiny doesn't show her true form to Travelers. Instead, she appears as the Traveler's most cared person.

In Brave Story: New Traveler, the Goddess appeared to Tatsuya as a woman that looks similar to Miki only with long hair. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She also wears a blue-ish dress that coils around down to her feet.


Teachings and ReligionEdit

The Goddess is primarily worshiped by the peoples of the United Southern Nations, particularly non-Ankhakin, due to her teachings of acceptance, peace, and tolerance. The main exception to this is the Special Administrative State of Dela Rubesi, as well as pockets of Ankhakin who worship the Old God instead.


  • Onba stated that she and the Goddess are equals.