Foresta Morgana is a mysterious forest found in the desert in Vision. It is an optional location containing several rare items blocked by magical stones that can only be destroyed by the use of spellrocks obtained from bosses in the game. As it is a magical forest, it changes its location every time the player returns to the desert.


Foresta Morgana is a pun on the Fata Morgana, an unusual mirage which can be seen in a narrow band right above the horizon. The word "Foresta" is only the word "forest" with an "a" added to make it similar to the word "Fata"("Fairy" in Latin).


  • The most common monster in Foresta Morgana is the Pixie Moth, a monster with a fairy-like appearance. This is another reference to the word "Fata" in "Fata Morgana".

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