Bravura Skills or Bravura are abilities or skills introduced in Brave Story: New Traveler. A Bravura Skill is learned when a character grows in battle.

List of Bravura SkillsEdit


Ability Description BP Obtained Image
Lightspark A burst of light made of power from the Warrior Gem. 6 Obtain the Gem of the Warrior.
Head Start Shows the quick mind of a top student. Grants first attack. 5 Level 13
Batting Practice A slugger's skill. Also hits mid-range foes on both sides. 20 Level 18
Heal Slightly restores one ally's HP. 2 Obtain the Gem of the Sage.
Return Warps party to the last town visited. Field use only. 1 Obtain the Gem of the Sage.
Megaspark A flare of light that draws on the Warrior Gem's power. 12 Level 25
Stealth Magic that prevents weaker enemies from appearing. 10 Level 29
Triple Thrust A sword strike that hits a single target three times. 18 Level 31
Kamui Evades, then counters an enemy's attack 15 Level 38
Summon Vyne Summons Vyne. Prevents loss of BP. 124 Obtain the Gem of the Firewyrm.
Novaspark Explosion that also hits nearby enemies. 40 Level 42
Demonthrall Uses the fifth gem to seal enemy movement for a short time. 80 Obtain the Gem of Darkness.
Super Traveler Doubles damage for the next turn. 40 Level 53


Ability Description BP Obtained Image
Healing Melody A gentle melody that slightly restores one ally's HP. 2 Initial
Poison Arrow Venomous arrow that strikes one target. Inflicts poison. 5 Level 4
Yuno Poison Arrow
Treasure Sensor Reveals the number of items hidden nearby 1 Level 6
Sniper's Eye A bowshot aimed at the enemy's vitals. Guaranteed critical. 5 Level 8
Yuno Sniper's Eye
Electrifying Smile Flashes a smile that stops an enemy cold. Inflicts paralysis. 8 12
Love Song A catchy song that restores one ally's HP. 4 Level 17
Wild Volley Fires a burst of arrows that hits six random targets. 18 Level 21
Soothing Strains A calming voice that cures all status ailments. 10 Level 27
Scandalous Wink Charms an enemy into total forgetfulness. Inflicts oblivion. 5 Level 30
Ballad of Blessings Guards party from status ailments. Last for 3 turns. 20 Level 35
Rousing Hymn Revives and restores one ally's HP. 15 Level 40
Bewitching Kiss A kiss that inflicts confusion 5 Level 43
Arrow Shower A hail of arrows. Also hits nearby enemies. 40 Level 49



Ability Description BP Obtained Image
Squall Cut Attacks with the swift force of wind. Grants first attack. 3 Initial
Heal Slightly restores one ally's HP. 2 Initial
Ex Heal Restores one ally's HP. 4 Initial
Poison Cure Cures one ally's poison. 5 Initial
Paralysis Cure Cures one ally's paralysis. 6 Level 21
Swallowtail Slash A slicing shockwave. Also hits nearby foes to the right. 10 Level 23
Mind Cure Cures one ally's confusion, oblivion and isolation. 8 Level 28
Full Heal Fully restores one ally's HP. 7 Level 31
Deep Six A spinning attack that hits a single target six times. 20 Level 34
Zed Heal Restores all allies' HP. 15 Level 37
Resurrect Revives one ally and fully restores HP. 20 Level 40
Piercing Twinblades Piercing blades that never miss the mark. Guaranteed critical. 27 Level 45
Twinblade Flurry A blur of twinblades steel that his ten random targets. 32 Level 51


Bravura Description Bravery Points Level

Cast thunder to enemies,

lightning element magic

    8 initial

Cast fire to enemies,

fire element magic

    8 initial

Cast ice to enemies,

ice element magic

    8 initial

Cast wind to enemies,

wind element magic

    8 initial
Ex Thunder

Cast enchanted thunder

to enemies,focused 

lightning element magic

Ex Flame

Cast enchanted fire to 

enemies,focused fire 

element magic

Ex Frost

Cast enchanted ice to

enemies,focused ice 

element magic

Ex Storm

Cast enchanted wind to

enemies,focused wind 

element magic

Zed Protection Raise All Ally's Defense    18

Cast barrier on one ally,

reflect magic attack

Zed Thunder

Cast Thunder to All enemies,ultimate lightning element magic

Zed Frost Cast ice to All enemies,ultimate ice element magic    30
Zed Flame Cast fire to All enemies,ultimate fire element magic    30
Zed Storm Cast wind to All enemies,ultimate wind element magic    30
Zed Heal Recover All ally's HP alot    15
Zed Strenght Raise All ally's Attack    18




Kee KeemaEdit



Bravura             Skill

Deadly Vibes        Halves opponent HP

Windmill            Hits 10 random attacks


Lash Circle      

Aero Igniter    

Overdrive   Ignores Defence


  • Tatsuya and Wataru share some Bravura Skills. Yuno and Meena also share some healing-type Bravura Skills.
  • Some Unity Skills are a combination of two Bravura Skill of the two characters involved.

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