Bravesouls are special abilities introduced in Brave Story: New Traveler.

List of BravesoulsEdit

Ability Description Obtained Character Image
Indomitable Spirit Occasionally revives Tatsuya when K.O.'d and restores half of his HP. After returning from the real world at the Firewyrm Village. Tatsuya
Double Strike Allows Yuno to choose two targets for standard attacks. Talk to Trone in Gasara in Chapter 7 Yuno
Thick Skin Raises Sogreth's defense when his HP is at critical condition. Talk to Minos in Chapter 10. Sogreth
Just Rewards Allows Meladee to return the favor now and then after being attacked. Talk to the Wyrm King in Chapter 9. Meladee
Varia Diminishes damage from magical attacks. Talk to Dr. Baksan in Chapter 10. Ropple
Mind's Eye Increases Leynart's likelihood of critical hits. Talk to Sasha's mother in Vahadina in Chapter 8. Leynart

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