230px-Brave Story Novel

Cover of the Viz Media English adaptation of Brave Story.

Brave Story (ブレイブ・ストーリー Bureibu Stōrī) is a two-part Japanese fantasy novel written by Miyuki Miyabi. It was serialized in Japanese newspapers between 1999 and 2001 before being published in two volumes. It is the story of Wataru Mitani, a young boy who stumbles upon the fantastic world of Vision in order to change the fate of his family after his parents divorce and his mother makes a suicide attempt. It was later published in hardcover in English through Viz in 2007.

The novel is primarily a coming-of-age story, or bildungsroman with fantastic elements. Through his adventures in Vision, Wataru learns to deal with the consequences of his parent's tragic relationship and to become a stronger and more selfless person. Wataru, as a huge fan of Japanese-style role-playing games learns to deal with his emotional issues through the lense of his favorite hobby, as he comes to find that the fantastic world of Vision is very much like the games he's spent so much time on.


The Brave Story Manga was published in 2004 and is geared towards a slightly-older, teenage audience.

An animated adaptation was released in 2006, geared towards younger viewers by excising much of the violence and darker aspects of the novel, such as the attempted suicide of Wataru's mother.

Brave Story: New Traveler, a PSP video game spin-off was released the same year, and remains the only one of three games localized for english-speaking audiences.