Brave story : Wataru's Adventure

Wataru Mitani is a 14 years old boy. Wataru traveled a world named Vision as a traveler. Wataru is a low ranked traveler. His wish is to have a normal family. Wataru traveled vision with a waterkin named Kee Keema, a kit kin named Meena and an ankha named Kutz.

Kee, Wataru and Meena

Kee Keem, Wataru, and Meena

Ashikawa Mitsuru is Wataru's best friend that is a high ranked traveler, his wish is to bring his sister, Aya back alive.

When Mitsuru wanted to take the dark gemstone, Wataru stopped him and the mirror shows Mitsuru's past. His sister died in a accident. After Mitsuru take the dark gemstone, A bunch of demonkins come out. Wataru is given a dark gemstone from Princess Zofie to stop Mitsuru.

Mitsuru Gemstones

Mitsuru removing gemstone

On the way to Mitsuru, a hero sword last by, and wataru sees his shadow. Shadow says that Wataru doesn't care about vision and just care about him self. But Wataru cares. Then, Shadow Disappears. Wataru sees Mitsuru fighting with his shadow. Wataru wanted to stop Mitsuru. IF he hurts his shadow, then he will be hurt too. But to late, Mitsuru attempt to kill Shadow, then Mitsuru dies.

Wataru sad

Wataru's sadness watching Mirsuru's death

Then a girl that saves Wataru back then appear. She told Wataru to kill the goddess. But, Wataru don't want. Then, the girl shows her true form, Onba


The girl that saves wataru back then

Onba swallows Wataru, but a giant sword killed Onba. The Goddess saved him. The goddess asked him his wish. Wataru wanted his family to go back. But, Wataru wishes so Vision's Demon were destroyed all. Wataru is sure about his wish. After his wish granted, Wataru back to his world.

The next day, a little girl hits Wataru then Wataru realized. Wataru look and he seen Mitsuru.